Meeting with The Regional Water Management Authority in Wrocław

The EO4EP project continues stakeholders consultation in Poland. After fruitful meeting with Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw (RZGW), project team met with institution’s field division in Wrocław. The meeting held on May 10, 2017 resulted in defining new areas for service development for the project consortium.

Regional Water Management Authority in Wrocław manages the area of Odra river in south-western Poland. It is also one of the implementing agencies of the WBG Odra-Vistula Flood Management Project, in particular responsible for the modernization of the Wrocław Floodway System (WFS) and improvements to the system of the Odra channels and hydraulic structures located in the city of Wrocław and sourrounding areas.

The Wrocław Floodway System (WFS) is Poland’s largest system of waterways and hydraulic structures, and one of the largest in Europe which consists of a network of channels, distributaries and branches of the Odra River which are densely built with flood control, navigation and industrial structures and facilities.

The discussion concerned topics related to application of satellite technologies in water and riverbank areas monitoring. RZGW expressed interest in river ice monitoring based on satellite imagery as well as detection of changes in land cover between embankments, and determination of water extent during floods.

Meeting in Wrocław resulted in defining new potential applications areas for using satellite data in RZGW activities, including river condition and river neighbourhood monitoring which will be further explored in the EO4EP project implementation phase.