Meeting in World Bank office in Warsaw

EO4EP project set up phase was initiated with the meeting of the key stakeholders. First meeting with World Bank (WB) representatives took place on October 7, 2016 in WB Office in Warsaw (Poland). Meeting participants included Work Package Leaders, ESA Technical Officer and representative of the Odra - Vistula Flood Management Project Coordination Unit (OVFMP).

The meeting was an occasion to present EO4EP project achievements of the team.

The consortium presented the suite of services to be developed under the project (included river ice monitoring, embankments change detection, low water level monitoring, land cover, elevation, crop and agriculture productivity mapping).

The meeting was instrumental in establishing of the contact with the stakeholders to verify the type, scope and scale of planned service production and further consolidate the participation and activities expected of the users. In particular the exchange of information in the context of The Odra River Basin Flood Protection Project, which is implemented with the assistance of the World Bank, allowed to firm up the user expectations and technical requirements for the EO services development to support the implementation of large hydraulic projects planned under the project and to consolidate the list of national user organizations and partners that ESA-financed project will be leveraging.