EO4EP mission returns to Georgia

On July 4, several months after the last mission, the EO4EP project representatives return to Georgia to present current results of their work, consolidate the requirements and discuss the next steps. During 3-day meetings, the consortium was represented by GeoPulse, GISAT, Astri Polska and Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM).

The second mission to Georgia concluded the stakeholder consultation process. It provided the opportunity to present the current status of work, demonstrate achievements and interim results to the local stakeholders: local representation of FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) in Tbilisi, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Georgian Amelioration company. The representation of the National Wine Agency and the People in Need Organisation (PIN) have also participated to the meetings which resulted in requirements consolidation (i.a. definition of acreage of wine and wheat areas as well as wheat productivity for selected regions in Georgia) necessary for final delivery of the services.

The EO4EP project aims to demonstrate that current technology allows to monitor crop productivity from space, in an on-line and automated manner, including data analysis and information delivery that cover large geographical or administrative areas. Furthermore, EO4EP includes Earth Observation capacity building activities which will be held at the end of October 2017 in Tbilisi in a form of 2-day workshop.