Meeting with The Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw

Possibilities of cooperation on River Ice Monitoring Service based on satellite technology was the main topic discussed at the meeting between EO4EP consortium and Polish Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw. The meeting was held on February 23, 2017.

The Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw (RZGW) manages the area of 111,47 thousand square km (it is about 1/3 of the territory of Poland). The region includes a part of the Vistula river basin (the region of the middle Vistula river) and parts of water regions of another rivers, so that makes RZGW natural end-user of EO4EP products dedicated for river monitoring.

Meeting provided opportunity to discuss the most crucial aspects of water management in Poland. It also helped to define what are current priorities of RZGW and clarify what EO-based tools would bring most benefits to RZGW day-to-day operations, in particular the development of the river ice monitoring service as a way to create a complementary type of dataset that could be used in agency’s routine data collection system. The meeting also allowed to define and establish the use and role of any ancillary / in-situ information required for the EO-based service development and the validation methods.