Workshop in Armenia

From the 30th of October to the 1st of November the EO4EP team gathered together the key stakeholders for training at the World Bank Office premises in Yerevan.

As a part of the Capacity Building effort the EO4EP team has organized the technical workshop aimed to increase the capacity of Armenian partners to access and use Earth Observation data in their operational and resource management tasks.

The workshop was divided into three days during which the participants became familiar with the theoretical basics of satellite data collecting and processing. The instructors focused on the Sentinel family data provided within the framework of the Copernicus Programme and presented their role in satellite-based agricultural and water monitoring. Representatives of GISAT and GeoPulse demonstrated innovative data products and information services which are currently in the last stage of production to support Armenian stakeholders: crop type classification maps, crop productivity assessment and irrigation canal leakage monitoring. The participants had the opportunity of hands-on training to test the applications and explore their content.

The last day of the workshop was led by Astri Polska and was dedicated to practical exercises with the use of SNAP (Sentinel Application Platform) software created by ESA. This allowed the participants to gain experience in satellite imagery processing, which helped them to increase the capacity of satellite data usage in order to better manage various areas of responsibility of Armenian agricultural and irrigation management institutions, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the State Committee of the Water Economy, the State Forest Monitoring Center and the Water Sector PIU.

For more information about Armenia service case download the country brochure.