Capacity Building

The EO4EP Capacity Building (CB) is responding to the specific needs and expectations of the main stakeholders of the EO4EP project. The aim of these activities is to increase engagement and awareness of significance of Earth Observation (EO) information for efficient management among staff working for Multilateral Development Banks, their client countries and the various governmental, and non-governmental user organisations interested in innovative technologies and more efficient implementation and management of development projects.


Stakeholders profiles

The main stakeholders are the MDBs and their Project Management Units (PMUs) as well as national stakeholders in the client countries. These stakeholders are typically public institutions responsible for agriculture, environment, national planning and environmental and natural resources management, as well as research centres, and NGOs. 

Because of EO4EP project is launched in several countries, Capacity Building will be tailored for each of them and support the technical implementation of demonstration services in partnership with the respective country partner institutions along with communication platforms suitable for building awareness for the broader uptake of EO-based products and services. 


Capacity building activities

Capacity building will focus on:

  • Organisation of capacity building workshops
  • Creation of Capacity Building Support Package (CBSP) and Communications Package



Capacity building workshops will be organized in collaboration with the MDBs and involve participants consisting of local users from national entities interested in using EO products. The capacity building requirements will be defined with each country partner institutions along with technical implementation arrangements that correspond to their readiness level. The workshops will be thematically oriented and focused on land management, water management (i.a. flood protection) and agriculture & irrigation systems management. During the workshops users will learn about general issues related to EO technology, explore technical aspects of data processing (e.g. polarimetry for radar analysis) and become familiar with the methodology for generating products and requirements for the specific products and services listed in the portfolio. The target dates and planned locations are provided in table below.



Target Date

Planned Location


Capacity Building workshop I
(Agriculture & irrigation)

Oct 2017


Project core team, representatives of World Bank and local users (e.g. Ministry of Agriculture, Georgian Amelioration)

Capacity Building workshop II
(Agriculture & irrigation)

Oct 2017


Project core team, representatives of World Bank and local users (e.g. State Committee of Water Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, US AID)

Capacity Building workshop III
(Flood protection, NRM)

Dec 2017


Project core team, representatives of World Bank and local users (e.g. Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - National Research Institute, The Regional Water Management Authorities)

Final presentation, demonstration and feedback session (Agriculture and irrigation)

Mar 2018

Armenia & Georgia

Project core team, representatives of WB, local users and representatives from involved countries: Georgia, Armenia

Study visit (Flood protection, disasters risk management)

Apr 2018


Project core team, invited stakeholders from Moldova (e.g. Civil Protection, State Hydrometeorological Service)


Support Package

Capacity Building Support Package will be a main source of sharing knowledge and systematizing learning during the workshops. It will contain example of use cases, characteristics of EO based information products and services and its comparison against alternative sources of information, description of benefits, impact and utility of geospatial data analytics as well as practical exercises accessible on this website.