Workshop in Georgia

On October the 26th and 27th, 2017 the EO4EP team conducted capacity building workshops at the premises of the National Wine Agency in Tbilisi.

The two-day training session was organized for the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Wine Agency and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

One of the goals of the EO4EP project is to increase the knowledge among relevant Georgian institutions about satellite-data and its usefulness for agriculture and water management tasks .

The participants were introduced to the theoretical basics of remote sensing, satellite Earth observation data applications and processing with a focus on the Sentinel family satellite imagery provided within the framework of the Copernicus Programme.

This technology has tremendous potential to support the users in crop type classification and crop productivity assessment in a coherent and objective manner. The web-based services and data analytics tools developed by GISAT and GeoPulse are examples of how information can be combined with in situ information to support reliable and operational provision of information and agriculture statistical surveys. The workshop was concluded with a practical exercise in satellite data processing with the use of SNAP (Sentinel Application Platform) software developed by ESA, this exercise was conducted by Astri Polska.

For more information about Georgia service case download the country brochure.