Flood monitoring

Typical output of flood hazard product derived by analysis of satellite data, optical or SAR is polygon of inundation extent. Hazard intensity is expressed by inundation depth, which is derived by follow-up analysis of high resolution DEM, or inundation frequency based on evaluation of time series of EO data acquired during past flood events. Flood hazard product derived by EO means represents spatial information widely applicable in crisis management and flood protection practice. The aim of the service is to provide information supporting flood management, development and implementation of flood mitigation measures. This includes:

1) Routine collection of data on floods (provision of flood extent and potentially related hazard assessment for upcoming flood season (2017) from Sentinel-1 and 2 satellites)

2) Capacity building and extension of the flood hazard and flood risk assessment to medium floods (provision of input (flood extent) needed for calibration of medium floods models by analysis of archive satellite imagery)

3) Updating of floodplain designations and flood hazard maps (provision of flood extent for areas not covered by hydraulic modelling)