Satellite monitoring of agricultural productivity

Satellite imagery represents a valuable source of information about agricultural processes. Earth observation facilitates mapping of spatial distribution of crops, monitoring of plants development and early identification of anomalies. Satellite data in combination with meteorological information and calibration data from agricultural surveys (crop rotation, yields) enable a better insight into agricultural productivity and availability of water. Resulting information, often not available from other sources, may represent a valuable input for more effective management of agriculture production and water resources.

Current technology allows to monitor crop productivity from space, in an on-line and automated manner, including data analysis and delivery of results that concern larger geographical region, e.g. a province, or a country. The specific aim of the developed service is an automated provision of information supporting crop assessment, including generation of crop productivity and type statistics at local or regional level. The analysis will be conducted for pilot areas in Armenia and Georgia to support agriculture administration, irrigation management, or farm registry at regional or national level and foster adoption of EO-based technology in the agriculture domain by demonstration of its utility.